How Perry Bernard Became One of Auckland’s Most Respected SEO Gurus



     Perry Bernard is an astute search engine marketer and a web 2.0 strategist from Auckland, New Zealand. It took Perry 8 years to master the skills of SEO, Google Display Advertising, GAIQ, Google Analytics and Adwords.


Bernard is one of the millions of beneficiaries of the ambitious open learning project by MIT. At MIT Open Courseware, he studied electrical engineering and was later awarded a Class-A license. The New Zealander later sat and passed the certification exams before setting up his independent SEO firm located at 321 Karangahape Rd in Auckland, NZ in 2017.


Perry’s Humble Beginnings


     Bernard has lived and worked in Auckland for most of his adult life. Perry attended the Tokoroa secondary school before pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Waikato. As fate would have it, Bernard didn’t complete his BSc as he opted to venture into the retail world and try his luck. His huge gamble paid off brilliantly and in less than 3 years, Perry had established his first business that was doing quite well.


Linguistics Major


     Years later, in 2003, Perry makes a conscientious decision to go back to the university and complete his degree. This time around, the New Zealander enrolled for a BA course in linguistics and graduated in 2008. In those five years at the University of Auckland, the prolific SEO guru picked up Spanish and Russian languages. Perry later got accepted at the same university to do a Masters degree in Morphology that he’s yet to complete.


Number One or Bust!


     Bernard’s Cranked SEO Company believes in the mantra that you are either on the first page of search engine rankings or you are done for. Today, he’s credited with lifting a countless number of small-to-mid-sized businesses out of the doldrums and into the mainstream markets. To learn more about the specialized SEO services provided by Perry and his team, check out the official website.